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to be able to use one of these. by far, one of the most powerful weapons in america's arsenal and they're all legal. i'll talk to the texas attorney general and the owner of this store, that has become a mecca to many texans. madman himself, ted nugent. it got pretty lively last time and i'm sure it will tonight. >> you're an american now. in america we have a second amendment right. >> this is a special edition from texas of "piers morgan tonight." i'm here at tactical firearms in houston, texas, with the owner, jeremy allseed. how has business been in this gun store since the sandy hook massacre? >> we've increased our sales four to five times. we were doing about a million dollars a month and started doing a million dollars a week until we sold out. right now it's impossible to get guns in, and ammunition.
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>> this pattern has been seen all across america. why? why are people, in the face of such a horrible massacre, are running out to buy guns? >> they feel they'll be banned and are running out to get whatever they can. the rumor is that they're going to try to ban anything beyond a te ten-bullet capacity magazine semi automatic handgun. you don't have to worry about missi in missing. the pistol misfiring, going through sheet rock and killing an innocent loved one or neighbor. >> do you believe any guns should be banned? >> i do not. >> why? >> it's not guns that kill
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people. if this is the case we need to ban alcohol. alcohol kills more people than guns. i don't know the statistics. >> but do you believe the more guns there are in america the safer the country is? >> in the hands of the right people, yes, yes. if you're going to do anything, i agree that, you know, people that have mental retardation or violent felons, those people should not have guns. they shouldn't have the right to vote or any rights, in my opinion. law-abiding citizens, you should be able to do whatever you want as far as gun purchasing. >> okay. look, let's fire some of these weapons. what are we going to start with? >> start with the jp enterprises, semi automatic, ar-156789 every time you pull the trigger, one bullet comes out. >> this is a pure unmodified semi automatic? >> it is. >> no one has done to this, try to flip it into an automatic? >> no. >> it's a standard, if you like, ar-15? >> right. >> to remind the viewers, this is the weapon that's been used in the last five mass shootings
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in america, including aurora and sandy hook. okay. what is -- the magazine is how big? >> this is a 30-round capacity. pretty standard. >> perfectly legal? >> yes, it is. >> all of this is perfectly legal to any american who is not a felon or has a history of mental illness? >> correct. weapon is on safe. go ahead and shoulder the weapon. keep your finger out of the trigger until you're ready to shoot. when you get your sights lined up, take it off of safety. and go ahead and shoot. [ gunfire ]
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>> wow! >> about 300 rounds a minute. >> once i got the hang of it and began pressing the trigger faster and faster, it was just firing very, very fast. >> this has a muzzle break, which stops the rise of the gun, makes it easier to shoot. makes it a lot louder. >> somebody who knows what they're doing, how many rounds could they fire in, say, a minute with one of these? >> with reload, maybe 60 rounds or so. >> 60 rounds a minute? >> cyclical rate is 400 rounds a minute. >> sorry? >> if you had unlimited magazine, it could shoot about 4 400 rounds a minute. >> somebody like you, if you had -- >> multiple magazines. >> yes. >> how many do you think -- >> in one minute?
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200 or so. >> 200? >> if i had to guess. >> you could buy these at walmart. do you think that's a good idea? >> for law-abiding citizens, i think it's an excellent idea. if you live here in texas, like i said, we shoot pigs out of helicopters. we do things that nobody else does. if you start banning one particular anything -- i don't care if it's a particular type of ammunition, firearm, magazine, where is it going to stop? you give anybody an inch, they're going to take a mile. if you're a law-abiding citizen, there should be no more bans on anything. >> you have a modified version of the ar-15. i wouldn't mind seeing next if i could. >> okay. these two weapons -- >> they look identical to me. >> right. the difference is the selector switch, instead of just going from safe to semi automatic, we
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have auto that allows it to go full automatic. >> that's the only difference? >> that's the only difference. >> how sophisticated is it -- how difficult is it for somebody who knows what they're doing to take an ar-15 and make it automatic? >> you have to have a right receiver, drill out the receiver. there's parts and components. you can't just go to walmart or just go in your backyard and make it that way. you have to order parts. >> the parts can be bought legally? >> yes, they can. >> you could buy the legal parts and alter it? >> when you say legally, technically, you're not supposed to have the guns and the parts together. >> you could buy it separately? >> you can. >> if you're a criminal -- >> of course if you're a criminal you can do whatever you want. >> 30-bullet magazine. >> 30-round magazine. safety is on. you need to flip this twice. make sure that you lean forward into it. it does rise. there you go.
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make sure you lean into it. [ gunfire ] >> i mean, to me, they just feel unbelievably powerful. >> right. you can see that you were nowhere near as accurate. >> no, i could feel it rising. my accuracy was far less than the previous weapon but the speed of the bullets. >> about twice as fast. when you shoot one of these it's called spray and pray. you spray bullets and pray it hits the target. because they're not very accurate at all. >> if you're in a confined area like a movie theater, you don't really care, right? >> no. you saw the rise. >> if that room was just full of people, it doesn't matter if you miss the target. you're going to hit some people. the guy in aurora used an ar-15
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and i think he had what's called a slider device. >> slide fire stop. >> what does that do to an ar-15? >> it's even less accurate than this and it's really hard to actually shoot. i would love to put one in your hands for you to try it. >> how many bullets does it allow you to fire? >> technically shoots 650 rounds a minute. >> you can buy the slide legally you? sell them here? >> exactly. >> how many defense is probably the least plausible from your point of view? >> for me in the home, what people are talking about is, you know, the way this world is going that the military and united nations are going to come in and try to take our guns. >> do you really believe that? >> i don't know. anything is possible. there's a lot of things in my life -- >> can you imagine u.s. marines charging on to your property and try to steal your guns? >> i hope not but an executive order. >> i spent some time with you. i hear this all the time in texas.
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i gave an interview to a friend of yours earlier, 30, 50 texans and that was the one thing they all seemed to agree on, that tyranny was about to come their way. >> look at all the other countries and it started where we are right now. and it's ended up with no guns. >> but do you think the american military would attack its own people? >> if they're forced to. i don't know. i hope not. i hope that would not happen. i would think at least 40% or 50% would. >> do you think that's what many texans feel about why they would need a weapon like this? >> they want it because they are law-abiding citizens and they know it's legal to purchase it now and it won't be legal later. they would rather buy it now and be legal rather than do something illegal later because these are law-abiding citizens we're talking about. >> show me what kind of weapon you think would be appropriate for home deference. >> inside your home? this is a typical shotgun. what i like about this is because it does have a strap here. if someone tries to take it from you, you have two points for
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struggle. it's a pump action. it's not going to jam. that's a universal sound for get the heck out of my house. this is a really good -- it's a 12 gauge. >> easy to use? >> it is. you have to hold it down at the waist when you fire it. if you do this, you'll bust your teeth out. >> finally, this machine down here, which looks to me like it kind of -- a military machine gun that you see in all the movies. but that i understand because it was made before 1986 and the last assault weapon ban. that is a legal weapon in this country. >> perfectly legal purchase. >> i could buy that, six months of background checks and -- >> it's atf paperwork that you have to fill out. you have to pay $200 to the atf to actually fire this. or actually purchase it. to fire it -- >> what will it cost me? >> these run anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000, depends on
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the make and model. >> what is the rate of fire of one of these? >> 900 rounds a minute. chris, if i could have you on this side to sit on this one. you sit on that one. >> okay. back up just a little bit. put your knees over this. >> okay. >> hold on. keep your fingers off the trigger. go ahead and take it off safe. >> i'm going to take it off safe. >> okay. >> push this down and push down hard. >> one bullet a fire? >> no, it's going to keep going as long as you keep it down. [ gunfire ] >> why would any civilian
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want -- need one of these? >> this is an investment. i purchased one of these a while back for about 1,200 bucks -- 2 12,000 and sold it for 45,000. >> incredible. incredible. >> this is obviously too expensive to shoot. it's just the investment point. >> amazing. >> there's not many of them out there. >> i could buy that from you? >> you could. >> jeremy, thank you very much. >> thank you. still ahead, i talk to a close friend of america's top sniper who was shot dead on a texas gun range very similar to this over the weekend. and after the break i talk to the attorney general of texas about his views on gun control. . i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger...
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[ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ texas attorney general greg abbott has a lot to say about guns in america. welcome to you, sir. >> thank you. >> the president today was in minnesota, came out strongly again for a variety of different measures he wants to bring in through the senate, through the house to try, as he put it, curb gun violence in america. what was your reaction to what he said?
6:18 pm
>> it seems to be more show than reality. on the very same day the majority leader came out and said that they're not going to pass any assault weapons ban. it seems like he's working -- >> he didn't say he wouldn't pass. he said he would take a look at it. >> i thought he made an announcement later today that he didn't think that the united states senate on the democrat side would pass an assault weapon. it seems like the president is swimming against the tide of even his own party. >> let's go through some of these measures. i want to see where there's common ground. then we can argue about where there isn't. do you support 100% universal background checks? >> the problem we have with regard to the background checks is that current background checks are not working. we're seeing so many violations of it that federal officials are not enforcing. >> in principle, principle of universal background checks, do you support that? >> the principle of ensuring that criminals and those who have mental issues do not get their hands on guns are very important. the problem with -- >> the principle of knowing who is buying guns in america?
6:19 pm
a lot of these people don't show the obvious mental dangers, if you like, until it's too late. what about just the principle of if you buy a gun, even at a gun show, there's a record of it and you have to have a background check. >> what i'm trying to tell you is that right now if you go to a gun show, you will have a background check run. the important thing, though, piers -- >> that's not true, though. you will in some cases. but the private trades that go on at these gun shows, there is no record. >> which is a good point. i was hunting last month with a good friend in south texas. i used a rifle that i would have liked to have purchase from him. he had to go through a background check on me, it would have slowed down the purchase and hindered people like myself who may want to buy a gun from a friend. i wanted to sell one of my pistols to a friend of mine. should i have to it run a background check on my friend that i've known more than a decade because i want to sell him a pistol? >> you can guarantee that every single person at a gun show in
6:20 pm
texas is going to be, in the future, of sound mental health and isn't going to suddenly develop either criminal tendencies, suicidal tendencies or murderous tendencies? can you guarantee that? >> what we need to do is enforce the laws and take measures to crack down on violence, to help those with -- >> would you support a ban on magazines that have more than 10 rounds? >> absolutely not. >> why? >> because look at the texas border itself. we have more than 1,000 miles of border. we have thousands of ranchers who live up and down that border. and frequently have drug cartels coming across the border. >> how many drug cartel barons and their operatives have attacked people in texas? >> we have drug cartel members who have shot at law enforcement, who have hit law enforcement with bullets. >> texas civilians. >> my point is if they are so brazen that they're going to shoot law enforcement officers, innocent ranchers have to be fearful and these ranchers may
6:21 pm
be hundreds of miles away from any law enforcement. >> has any texas rancher, to your knowledge, ever been confronted by a mexican drug cartel? >> absolutely. >> when? zblfr month. >> there are shootouts all over with mexican drug cartels and texas farmers? >> you said confronted. they're confronting ranchers on an ongoing basis in the state of texas. they deserve, under the second amendment, to have the ability to meet force with force, which is what the second amendment guarantees. so these ranchers need to be able to protect themselves. let me add one more thing. you're in houston right now. there are members of the vicious gang ms-13 right here in houston as well as other deadly gangs. people here in houston have a right to defend themselves from the deadly ms-13 gang. >> do you agree with the fact that you can't legally buy, in most places in america, machine guns, warfare style machine
6:22 pm
guns? >> sure. that's been banned. >> do you support that? >> that's a ban in place. >> do you support it? >> we have been fined with that ban. >> why doesn't that breach your constitutional rights? the military can have them. i thought that your interpretation, unless i'm wrong, is that you should have whatever everybody else has. >> the interpretation of the second amendment, the reason why it was passed in the first place, is to allow americans to defend themselves from either government forces or other forces that endanger their lives. >> if the government attacks you, it would be with the united states military, all armed with machine guns banned from civilian use, yet you support that ban but you're not prepared to think about a ban on military-style rifles still in circulation, still legal. >> it depends what you mean by military style. a lot of people use this phrase military style when, in reality, it's nothing more than a semi automatic weapon used even for deer hunting. some people describe that as military style. >> i can buy an ar-15, i can buy
6:23 pm
a slide device over there, which would allow me in semi automatic mode to fire up to 300 rounds a minute. what is your definition of an assault rifle, given i can legally buy that here and kill 300 people in one minute? >> well, first, i think that any texan has a right to be able to purchase one of those weapons. when it comes to talking about limiting our rights, we need to have the right to defend ourselves whenever anyone tries to attack us. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, piers. i'll talk to two people who believe that concealed weapons and the nra save lives and the man himself, ted nugent. erns as. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it.
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back to our live special here in texas. want to turn briefly to the shocking story of the navy s.e.a.l. sniper, who had 160 combat kills in iraq but was shot dead this weekend by a former marine on a gun range here in texas very similar to the one i'm sitting in now. chris kyle began working to help fellow vets suffering from post
6:28 pm
traumatic distress syndrome. one of his co-authors join us now, a man who knew him well, jim defelice. tragedy, this. your friend was trying to help another armed servicemen who had come out, suffering from this very frequent problem now that so many ex-soldiers have, post traumatic stress disorder and it ended tragically. what did you feel when you heard about this in terms of what chris was trying to achieve? >> i didn't -- i still -- i guess i'm still in total disbelief that chris is gone. and i think that everyone that knew him feels the same way. chris -- i personally don't know the exact details of what happened. and i'm sure that more information will come out, but chris, even before the book, even before he was famous,
6:29 pm
devoted a considerable amount of time to helping veterans, whether they were disabled, whether they were -- had -- were suffering from traumatic stress or just regular guys. and he -- he would take people out for -- go hunting, go fishing. and he would also just, you know, talk with people who had been back from the war. really, he devoted -- that was really what his life -- big part of what his life was about. >> and certainly awful in the sense that i'm at a big texas gun range now. it feels very safe here. safety is clearly paramount and everyone around here knows how to use weapons and takes the safety very seriously. even in a place lick this, chris, who was one of the great snipers in military history, lost his life in such awful circumstances. >> well, we don't know the exact details of how he died. i had been at the ranch where he
6:30 pm
died and i would say that, first of all, it's a little different than where you are. it's a very large place. and, quite honestly, they could have been doing any number of things. but chris kyle would not have subjected another person to a dangerous situation. so i'm sure that he considered where he was to be relatively safe. >> well, it's an appalling tragedy. the alleged killer is a former marine called eddie ray routh, now in custody. i guess we'll find out more when he comes to trial. jim defelice, my condolences to you on losing a friend and america has lost a true hero. >> absolutely. thank you. back to our gun debate now. texas senator, and conservative radio host victim of a gun crime himself and says he's glad the nra is looking out for him.
6:31 pm
welcome to both of you gentlemen. >> good to be here. >> my reaction to the guns i fired earlier. a lot of people say to me you don't know what you're talking about. you don't know what these guns do. ar-15 is another form of gun. i was pretty shocked, i have to be honest with you, when i got into this range and began to fire the ar-15. you can see the pictures here again. i started off quite slowly, then began to really rapid fire. to hear, you know, someone that knows what they're doing could fire between 60, 70, 80 bullets a minute, how anyone could not classify this as an assault weapon is completely beyond me. explain to me. >> it's a personal defense weapon, piers. the reason people love that weapon -- >> against what? >> against a lot of things. we live in an area, for example, and we've seen the thin veil of civil i civility toward back in the hurricane, the aftermath. we've seen looters go into a neighborhood in the aftermath, whether it was new orleans or long island. we know that in our country we
6:32 pm
don't think terrible things like a bomb, dirty bomb would be set off in a major city, but it could happen. 9/11 happened. people would have this to not only defend themselves against an individual intruder. >> here is the thing. if you strip out the ar-15 from the equation and take all the guns out, that senator feinstein wants to take out -- wait a minute. you're still left with 2,200 guns you can legally buy. >> the problem is you're obsessing over one gun that a bad human being has used a couple of times. >> no, no, wait. >> no, no, let me finish. hold on a second. >> the past five mass shootings in america. >> guess what, the last shooting that i could have been a victim of, it wasn't an ar-15. you're obsessed over the ar-15. have you ever had a gun to your head? >> no. >> have you ever had a man look you in the eyes and say i'm going to your head off? >> no. >> with expletives while grinning? i had a gun to defend myself.
6:33 pm
i didn't have an ar-15. he didn't have an ar-15. >> why would you need an ar-15 in that situation? >> you're missing the point. >> i'm not missing the point. >> anything is an assault weapon when it's in the bad hands of the bad person. the gun used that night was not on the special list that the senator wants to have out there, the list of guns. you know what? that gun that night was just as dangerous to my life. >> sure. >> when he pulled the trigger not once, not twice, not two, not three times. this is my point. >> make your point. >> the 10 bullets that you say, why not have a clip of ten? i had a clip that had 13. when the police showed up, do you know how many bullets were left in my gun? one. i would have been two negative that. i would have run out of bullets before i was able to save my life and save my best friend's life. it's a big deal, though. >> listen. i understand the need to defend yourself. >> i don't think so. >> in a country -- wait. let me clarify. >> you don't know how many bullets you're going to need to defend yourself or your family. >> i needed more than ten,
6:34 pm
piers. >> i understand. please let me speak. in a country that has over 300 million firearms in circulation people need a firearm to defend themselves. >> that's not why i needed it, though. >> of course they do. i want you to explain to me -- i may be stupid. >> no, you're not stupid. you just don't understand the american culture. >> i'm trying. >> you don't understand. >> i'm trying to understand the american culture. >> that liberty and freedom do not guarantee our safety. >> do you fear tyranny? >> no, but i do believe that again -- >> do you believe your government is going to overrun texas, using the u.s. military? because that's what tyranny would mean. >> what i said earlier, bepierss that the reason people like the ar-15 -- i have an ar-156789 my wife shoots the ar-15. it is a weapon that you can fire multiple times to defend yourself. what i meant about the long island looters aftermath or new orleans, we see how quickly people can turn against each other. heaven forbid we have a dirty bomb in the city and food supply
6:35 pm
disappears and water supply disappears and you have to defend, you want to defend your family. i want as much -- i want to be able to defend my family and i have a right. >> in new york i was there when hurricane sandy happened. nobody felt a need to take an ar-15 to blow away looters. it wasn't like that. >> were they looting? >> it was limited looting. >> don't act as if new orleans looting was the same thing as was happening on a beautiful place in new jersey. totally different people. you had social economic conditions that are totally different. >> he cited sandy, not me. let me put this to you. what is your answer to the parents of sandy hook who had their children blown to pieces about how you are personally, through the instrument of your radio show, going to try and make america a safer place than it was? >> simple. first of all, we've got to be realistic that there always, whether it be in america, the uk or anywhere in the world, crazy people. i want to make sure that there's somebody at every school to be able to protect and defend children, because we know now --
6:36 pm
>> teachers or armed guards? >> either one. let me say this it depends on what the people of that place want, in that city. >> do you believe the nra agrees with this? >> do i believe that the nra agrees with -- i don't know what the nra agrees with me or not. i just want them to be safe. >> here is what the nra is saying now. here is what wayne la pierre said in 19 -- just after columbine, wasn't it? >> first, we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero tolerance, totally safe schools. that means no guns in america's schools, period. with a rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel. >> i mean -- >> wait a minute. wayne la pierre has done a 360 on that, 360 on background
6:37 pm
checks. the man that's been rapidly exposed as a shameless hypocrite. >> he is not a hypocrite. >> to help stop guns in places like this. >> he is not a hypocrite if he's learning, changing and adapting in a situation you would. that's called using the brain that god gave you. heck, look at the uk. you guys figured out that having a government with a king was probably a bad idea to rule everything. am i wrong? >> it worked out. >> did you change it? yes. we change things often in america. >> what do we change? >> you have people in your country that decided long ago that they didn't want to have one man over an entire nation. and that's part of the reason why america is here. am i wrong? >> let's get back to this issue. let's get back to the issue of schools. >> it makes sense. >> we just had a hearing in our education committee on this issue. we made the decision. it's a local decision, piers. we have over 1,000 school district districts in texas.
6:38 pm
many large districts have armed guards already. but the rural districts that won't have police response for five, 10, 15 minutes want to arm their teachers. >> i met two young female elementary school teachers in their early 20s in a bar in houston friday night. we talked to them with our producers. both believed in having a concealed carry permit because of their own safety. none of them wanted to have assault weapons, complete ban of assault weapons and were absolutely aghast at the prospect of having any guns in their schools. >> there's always going to be someone -- >> that's in texas. >> here is what i said. you asked me earlier, what would i say to the parents at this school whose kids died. i would say to you, why are you obsessing over a gun when there's a much bigger issue? there's mental health issues here. >> i'm obsessing over the very gun that killed their children. that's why. >> what happened when they change the gun? are you going to obsess over every gun? i don't think you're going to. then you would be a hypocrite. >> in the end it is the gun. >> it isn't the gun.
6:39 pm
it is the person. if that gun sits there and no one touches it for the next decade, it will do nothing. >> you know why there's no shootings on planes in america? >> because we have armed guns. >> because they're gun-free zones. they are the ultimate example. >> they are not gun-free zones. they have security to stop it. >> we have ted nugent. i can't imagine that things will get any calmer. fierce supporter of gun rights. we butted heads before. he is ready to come at me again. this should be quite lively, after this. ♪
6:40 pm
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>> back to our live special here in texas. i'll be with ted nugent in a moment. nice breaking news, rescue of a 5-year-old alabama boy held hostage in a backyard bunker since last tuesday, taken to the hospital tonight to be checked out but otherwise seems to be fine. the 65-year-old man who snatched him from the bus is now dead. the neighbor of jimmy lee dykes joins me now. you must be absolutely
6:44 pm
delighted. >> absolutely delighted. it is a total miracle. and the best way that things could have ended because ethan will be just fine. >> there's going to be an update on exactly what the operation entailed i believe at 10:00 pm. stay tuned. there was a sense apparently from what we can tell with the fbi that this kidnapper was going to take action to harm the boy and at that point they moved in. is that your understanding? >> that is my understanding. my -- i figure that it probably -- it will all come out, you know, very soon as far as the exact details. the most important thing is that god rescued ethan and, you know, as far as who we call the mean
6:45 pm
man, we will never have to be afraid of him again. my granddaughter can come over and play in my front yard and, you know, go on the swing set i bought for her and stuff and never will have to worry whether he's sitting there with a rifle watching us. >> it's ended miraculously well for that poor little boy. he has been through a nightmare and i hope he can get all the help he needs now to get back to normality. thank you very much, rhonda, for joining me. appreciate it. >> okay. coming now, a man who has very strong opinions about guns. actually about everything. he's not afraid to say exactly what he thinks. he is a rocker, hunter. >> everybody i know sends prayers to chris kyle and littlefield families in that tragic loss. and what a celebration, the heroes of the fbi and law enforcement in alabama did the right thing. that's a great relief. >> i totally endorse both those
6:46 pm
sentiments. you're a great figure in this area. you know this area better than anybody. i've really enjoyed coming to texas. they're lovely people. >> let me see that machine gun smile. >> it's not a machine gun smile. here is the truth about it. it was an exciting experience. no question. >> give me a smile? wasn't that fun? >> firing weapons like that that are incredibly powerful, i've never done that before, is an exciting experience. i can't deny that. this is the ar-15. not the automatic version, just the regular semi automatic, once i got the hang of it. watch this clip. [ gunfire ] see here is the thing. this is the weapon used in aurora in the movie theater and used at sandy hook in the elementary school and has been used in the last five mass shootings. i can see why. it was very light. it was easy to use. i had very little training
6:47 pm
before. maybe a minute's worth of training. and i found it very accurate. even i was getting an accuracy rate which apparently is the same as the trained police officers with real firing in new york, 20%. under different circumstances, i'm sure. >> who were shot, by the way. >> i don't understand -- and i want you to tell me, in the least ininflammatory way possible, outside of hog hunting, why does anybody need one of those? if the answer isn't convincing, why the least we couldn't do to those poor families who lost people from that weapon is not just remove those from the equation. >> a number of things. first of all, i've been monitoring your gun debates. go ahead and take it to the bank. you will never understand. i really don't believe you'll ever grasp -- >> what don't i understand? >> it's a simple inadamant tool that tens of millions of
6:48 pm
american families own that have never caused a problem, never had an accident and will never commit a crime. you have these aberrations that are such a minute percentage. my prayers are as strong a year -- >> thousands of americans get hit by gunfire and it's a minor aberration? >> that statistic includes bad guys shot by cops and intruders shot by homeowners. so that figure is bogus. you have to he your -- >> 100,000. >> it's not an accurate figure. >> 100,000 americans get hit by gunfire a year. >> those include bad guys getting cops by piers. >> 18,000 people kill themselves with guns. >> do you care about murders or do you only care about murders with guns? >> i care about all death. >> i don't think you do. i think you care about guns. you're obsessed with guns.
6:49 pm
99.99% of the gun owners of america are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today. perfectly safe. perfectly harmless. wonderful, loving, generous, giving, caring people. would you leave us the hell alone? go after the nut jobs, go after the murderers, because i don't know any. we need to lock up the bad guys and when people show dangerous, murderous intent, which everyone one of these mass murderers showed -- all their neighbors, their family, their teachers, their fellow students, they all knew they were crazy but, piers, we didn't stop them because we're worried about hurting their feelings. we have a mad man problem in america where they're running around. we have a felony recidivism problem in america. let's focus on that and leave the rest of us alone. >> i won't leave you alone because there's a debate that needs to be had. >> you're the perfect poster boy that needs to stand up for thing that is make no sense at all to
6:50 pm
common people. >> which of president obama's 35 ideas for curbing gun violence in america you would support. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money.stor. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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6:54 pm
tell them there's no legislation to eliminate all guns. there's no legislation being proposed to subvert the second amendment. tell them specifically what we're talking about. things that the majority of americans when they're asked support. and tell them, now is the time for action. that we're not going to wait until the next newtown or the next aurora. >> president obama earlier today reinforcing his plans for new gun legislation said -- a recent cnn poll january 14th and 15th. gun registration now, 69% of americans supported that. ban on extended ammo clips, 58%. clear majority in every case of americans that you say i don't
6:55 pm
understand actually agree with me, not you. what is your response to what the president is trying to do? which of his proposals do you agree with? >> well, i think i can frame it best by identifying the scammer in chief who claims that just to save one life would be worth this. >> isn't it worth it? >> he had a chance to save four americans in benghazi and refused to do so. now he's sending f-16s to egypt. how can you believe him. he's been clued in by the clueless majority that is so out of touch they still call magazines clips, they call personal defense weapons assault weapons, which is a nomen clat tour created by the anti-gun -- i don't agree with president obama on any of that stuff. >> do you agree with universal background checks? >> no. >> why? >> because the government doesn't need to know who has
6:56 pm
what. >> of course they do. >> ted kennedy was on the no fly list five times. i was turned down purchasing firearms a number of times and i own class three weapons and hundreds and hundreds of guns. i've had a concealed weapons permit for 40 years. i have sheriff credentials. the instant check turned me down a number of times, it showed some felony -- you. >> heard the owner of this store saying he's selling four times as much guns and ammo since sandy hook. which is fine, i find it incredibly disturbing reaction to the massacre of 20 young children. >> it's not a reaction to sandy hook. >> here's my question. do you think america is going to be safer because gun stores like this are selling so furiously weapons and ammunition, increasing both in america? >> absolutely. an armed society is a polite society. i told you these statistics
6:57 pm
before. they're not mine, they're scotland yard supported, u.n. supported. where there are more citizens with more firepower, particular on their person loaded, there is a dramatic reduction in violent crime. >> here's a question for you. do you know the two countries which have the highest per capita rate of firearms per civilian? >> america and switzerland i believe. >> do you know what the second one is after america? >> no. >> yemen. are you seriously telling me yemen is one of the safest places on earth. >> are you seriously telling me -- >> when you say this kind of bull, that's what it is. people believe it, and yemen is not the safest country in the world many. >> are you prepared to admit that your dream of a gun free zone in mexico is working. a gun free zone in chicago is working. a gun free zone in all these cities where the slaughter rate is the highest of anywhere, including yemen -- >> let me give you some
6:58 pm
countries, ausz trail ya, brylin, japan, canada. >> they don't have a second amendment, pierce. >> your second amendment doesn't entitle you to have an armored tank outside. you accept gun control already. >> are you sure of that? >> i wouldn't put you in a tank. there are 50 gun controlled measures in this country. we're not talking about bringing in gun control, we're talking about extending it to cover the. >> those measures are violated by all these perpetrators every time. what makes you think the 51st law is going to stop this kind of slaughter? i'm here to tell you it will not. i believe an armed society is a polite society. >> the mood is changing, something has to change. i respect you coming down to talk to me. >> thank you. >> we'll be back. ive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v,
6:59 pm
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